To create a finish product from a raw fabric require plenty of communication with suppliers, dyers, printers, client and other stakeholders. Below is a short list of activities we do to get the product ready.


We have worked with hundreds of different varities of Cotton, Silk and apparel. Click here for a short glimpse


Here we decide, if a cloth requires dying. The fabric goes through an iterative quality control cycle to achieve a desired color effect and design. The cutting master carefully chalk pieces on fabric layers and a machine cuts through it .


The cut product is given to the stich unit. Each stiched piece is placed into relavant product bucket. A supervisor overlooks this process


We have carefully choosen our delivery partner on merits of reliabilty, safety and security. We have done business with them for over 25 years.

Universal Frieght System

Quality Control

Every piece of a product goes through rigerous checks. All the rough edges are smoothened here to produce a most finest and neat piece


The product is sorted, counted and packaged.Its then bundled, marked and sent to the courier